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Organic and Elegant……the New Trend in Balloon Decor
July 18, 2018

Sweets are loved by children and adults alike! Dessert tables are very fashionable at any event, but an outstanding table needs thoughtful planning.

  1. Theme – Most parties have some sort of theme.  A theme is like a common thread weaving throughout your event.  Invitations, table settings, food, drink and of course decor that are gently woven together will make your party look professional and well planned.  Whether the theme is for a holiday, a milestone number, or a favorite character, it can be delicately introduced into each area of your party design.

  2. Color – Sometimes the only theme of a party is COLOR.  Different colors raise different emotions in people.  The guest of honor will be delighted to be surrounded by the colors of their lives. A dessert table, dressed with beautiful desserts in many shades of a color palette, is a work of art.  The artwork will be sure to have many admirers.

  3. Table Design – Dessert tables that have a balance of height and symmetry or asymmetry keep the eyes moving.  Adding floral arrangements or deliberate decor makes the table more interesting and inviting.

  4. Taste – A variety of flavors is always welcoming to guests.  Not only is “Variety the Spice of Life”, but even the pickiest of guests will be thrilled to find something to nibble on and enjoy.  Even more importantly is quality desserts.  Yes it is great to add familiar candies or goodies that can be store bought, but what sets your table apart from the rest is 2-3 AMAZING custom made treats that taste to perfection!  A cookie should be beautiful to look at, but it should be to DIE FOR in your mouth!

  5. Backdrop – Most dessert tables and carts have some sort of backdrop that makes the table stand out.  Fabric, flowers and of course BALLOONS are the perfect addition to any table.  Party Blitz has had the honor of decorating several dessert tables, and we would love to help you with your’s.  Call us today at 805 657.3105 and an Event Planning Specialist will be happy to assist you!




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